Most Influential MMA Divas

ADMINJune 1, 2019

Most Influential MMA Divas

Just a glance at the appearance of each of the girls on our list makes the heart stop. Moreover, your heart can not stand still at all when you see this beauty on the ring. Few people can believe that these cute creatures regularly go to the most realistic war and finish it as winners. We present the most influential and best women fighters of all times to your attention.

Misha Tate
28-year-old Tate’s career is in full swing. On the account of Misha is the winning of the belt champion Strikeforce, as well as participation in the title fight in the UFC. Alas, at the moment, the only stumbling block for Tate is Ronda Rosie, who inflicted two heavy defeats on her, depriving Strikeforce of the champion status, and then did not allow her to take revenge for the UFC champion title. In addition to performances in battles according to the rules of MMA, Tate takes an active part in various photo shoots and is participating in films. For example, Fitness Gurls magazine recognized Tate as one of the most beautiful single women in MMA.

Christiana Santos
Ex-champion of the Strikeforce organization, one of the best female fighters in MMA, Christina Santos nicknamed Cyborg has an outstanding track record. Having lost in her first professional duel by the rules of MMA in 2005, Santos then had a series of 12 victories in a row. The only black spot on the Brazilian sporting path is a disqualification for using the banned anabolic steroid Stanozolol. Nevertheless, the ambitious Santos is planning a fight against the unbeaten American Ronda Rosie. It is also noteworthy that Santos was the wife of the MMA fighter Evangelista Santos.

Gina Carano
Without exaggeration, she is the most feminine representative of mixed martial arts. Anthropometric features of Carano are perfect for model business, but as you know, the most courageous ladies are not looking for easy ways. Gina skipped the modeling business and made a name for herself in one of the toughest and cruel sports – MMA. Did she do it well? We think the confirmation of the above will be that Carano has won her place in the sun in Hollywood, and she regularly takes part in the movie making. Fast and Furious 6, The Expendables, Knockout, Almost a Man, Blood and Bone – all of these are films in which Gina took direct part. After the defeat from Christina Santos in 2009, Carano left MMA, but there are rumors that she will be back soon, and you must agree that this event cannot be missed.

Ronda Rosie
The American Ronda Rosie, who did not experience any defeat, made a name for herself in MMA in two years of successful performances. At the moment, Ronda is the only female fighter whose pay-per-view is actively bought, and the number of fans in social networks is growing day by day. Eight of her 11 victories Ronda scored using a painful trick under the name “armlock.” Armlock became Rosie’s calling card, and bookmakers accepted bets on how Ronda would complete this or that fight. Nowadays, the UFC super lightweight champion Rosie is waiting for the name of the next opponent to be announced.

Jessica Andrade
Knockouts with a single blow are a rare case in female MMA, especially at the lightweight category, so Andrade stands out clearly against the rest of the girls. In the last fight, she made a bright statement, knocking out Caroline Kovalkevich at UFC 228. Now, there is no doubt that she is the next contender for the champion title. Jessica holds the highest position in this ranking among girls who have never owned the UFC title.

Felice Nicole Herrig
Felice Nicole Herrig, or Lil Bulldog, won 13 professional MMA fights and has 23 kickboxing victories. She became the champion of the USA in Thai boxing, as well as two-time kickboxing champion. In addition to championship titles, Feliz has an excellent figure. She periodically arranges nude photo shoots for magazines and her subscribers. She is an example of how extreme beauty and strength can combine in a single woman.

Erika Montoya
Erika Montoya is the first woman to play a mixed martial arts computer game. On her account in MMA are 6 wins and two losses. She is one of the youngest girls who are professionally engaged in martial arts – her career began at the age of 17, and she almost became the first woman to participate in the UFC. She also achieved success in jiu-jitsu and in varieties of wrestling.

Gabi Garcia
Brazilian fighter Gabi Garcia is best known for her performance in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Now, with a height of 187 cm, she weighs 93 kg, although previously, her weight was almost 112 kg. Garcia won all her battles in MMA, and earlier, she won all the most important tournaments in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Gabriella’s career is on her peak, and we think we will hear about her more than once.

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